a watercolor illustration of a car on a highway with the ocean on the left wreathed around by various plants, animals and seashells

Pacific Coasting: An Illustrated Guide to the Ultimate Road Trip, from San Diego to Vancouver

by Danielle Kroll Author

The California 1, or Pacific Coast Highway, holds a special place in the American cultural imaginary. And when the 1 reaches its terminus in Northern California, U.S. Route 101 is ready and waiting to carry you the rest of the way up the West Coast, and on into Canada. In this thoroughly researched travel guide, author Danielle Kroll takes you on a journey up the coast, from the southern border all the way to the Olympic Peninsula. Along the way there's a lot to see, whether your interest is in the cultural or the natural or both. This guide comes complete with a packing list and plenty of sightseeing recommendations, from San Diego, California to Victoria, British Columbia.