White cover with black and gold designs

12,000 Dreams Interpreted

by Gustavus Hindman Miller Author, Linda Shields Author and Lenore Skomal Author

First published nearly a century ago by Gustavus Hindman Miller as "10,000 Dreams Interpreted", this volume has since been revised and expanded by professional medium and psychic Linda Shields, thus remaining the most thorough and reliable dream interpretation guide of its time. In addition to revising 3,000 of Gustavus's original interpretations, Linda has added 2,000 new objects (modern ones that wouldn't have existed in Gustavus's time) and accompanying interpretations to this veritable dictionary of dream symbols. The meaning of each object or situation in the book is succinctly explained, along with any variation in meaning according to who performs an action or what state an object is found in (broken eggs vs. whole eggs vs. rotten eggs, for example), and the objects and actions are organized alphabetically for the ease of the reader. From abacus (indicating you assess your life in an outdated manner) to zoo (portending varied fortunes and travel), this new and expanded volume has it all!

Well, except for zombies.

Which would have been really helpful. I have a lot of zombie apocalypse dreams.