illustration of a woman surrounded by houseplants.

My Life in Plants: Flowers I've Loved, Herbs I've Grown, and Houseplants I've Killed on the Way to Finding Myself

by Katie Vaz Author

From author Katie Vaz (Make Yourself Cozy, The Escape Manual for Introverts, and Don’t Worry, Eat Cake) comes My Life in Plants, which tells the story of Vaz's life through the 39 plants that have played both leading and supporting roles—from her childhood to her wedding day. Plants include a homegrown wildflower bouquet wrapped in duct tape that she carried on stage at age three, to a fragrant basil plant that brought her and her kitchen back to life after grief. The stories are personal, poignant, heartwarming, and relatable, and will prompt readers to recall plants of their own that have been witness to both the amazing moments of life and the ordinary ones. This illustrated memoir covers the simplicity of home, the sharpness of loss, the lesson of learning to be present, and the journey of finding your way.