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Friendship Isn't A Big Thing, It's A Million Little Things: The Art of Female Friendship

by Becca Anderson Author

The bond shared among girlfriends is like no other. Whether the friendship is decades old or just beginning, we share a unique relationship with these women, a connection wholly different even from what we share with husbands or boyfriends. Strong female friendships are inspiring because they foster the practice of women supporting and enabling other women. Author and blogger Becca Anderson, has long been moved by the inspirational quotes and stories of groundbreaking women, and she shares some of that female empowerment with us in this book. This book reminds us just how valuable our bonds with our gal pals are. These are the women who answer the phone at 4 a.m. and drop everything to help a sister out, the ones who are there for both the tearful wine nights and the champagne-worthy celebrations.