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Love and Asperger's: Practical Strategies To Help Couples Understand Each Other and Strengthen Their Connection

by Kate McNulty Author

Life with a partner whose neurotype is different than yours is filled with moments that are surprising, unique, and sometimes challenging. If one of you is on the Autism Spectrum and the other is neurotypical, this book is a helpful and inclusive guide to understanding the nature of your relationship and navigating its particular obstacles—while keeping your love for each other at the center of everything. Even though Aspergers is no longer an official diagnosis, many people may still fit the Aspergers profile and identify with the term. This book is designed with you in mind, featuring expert advice from relationship therapist Kate McNulty. Inside, you'll find engaging scenarios of couples experiencing similar challenges, combined with practical, evidenced-based solutions that address the needs and perspectives of both partners equally. (Short Discount)