lit candle in the center of a pentagram drawn over hardwood floor.

What is Modern Witchcraft?: Contemporary Developments in the Ancient Craft

by Trevor Greenfield Author

Traditions, philosophies, and beliefs that enjoy historical longevity are not those that remain static and unchanging, but rather those that evolve and adapt to meet the needs of different or constantly changing societies. And that is true of witchcraft. With topics ranging from Activism to CyberWitches to Urban Witchcraft to Web Weaving (and so much more), What is Modern Witchcraft? presents contemporary developments in this ancient and relevant craft, discussing a number of questions and issues that are frequently raised today. Edited by Trevor Greenfield and featuring essays from Morgan Daimler, Annette George, Irisanya Moon, Rebecca Beattie, Philipp J. Kessler, Amie Ravenson, Rachel Patterson, Mélusine Draco, Dorothy Abrams, Arietta Bryant and Mabh Savage. Part of the Pagan Portals series.