a collection of rough and polished crystals.

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 6: Crystals for Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release and Karmic Healing. An A-Z Guide.

by Judy Hall Author

This practical sixth book in the Crystal Prescriptions series covers crystals for karmic clearing, soul integration, and healing the family tree. People are hampered by inherited ancestral memories, attitudes, and beliefs, which are carried in each person's so-called "junk DNA." By utilizing the extraordinary healing power of crystals, learn how to work through inherited and pastlife burdens quickly, easily, and without having to relive the trauma and dramas of your personal karmic history. As you heal your past, you strive to create a future that generations to come will benefit from—a life blessed by a garnered soul and ancestral wisdom without baggage. Includes an A-to-Z directory of appropriate crystals that assists you to identify exactly the right crystal for your needs.