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Crystal Prescriptions Volume 7: The A-Z Guide To Creating Crystal Essences For Abundant Well-Being, Environmental Healing And Astral Magic

by Judy Hall Author

Crystal essences and gem waters have been used for thousands of years to bring the body back into harmony and restore personal and environmental well-being. They are an extremely convenient way of combining crystal properties. In this, the latest volume in the Crystal Prescriptions series, you will learn how to create your own essences from healing crystals. Powerful aids to self-development and soul growth, these potent essences heal and rebalance the chakras, support your abundance and aspirations, expand your consciousness, and accelerate karmic, ancestral and past life healing. Learn from sections on emotional and mental healing, physiological essences and those to specifically assist young people. You can also explore innovative astrological and astral-magic essences that harness the power of the planets and their associated crystals to capitalize on your birth chart. These, along with essences for the day-to-day movement of the planets enable you to fulfill your true potential.