a collection of rough and polished crystals.

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 8: Crystals for Prosperity - An A-Z Guide

by Judy Hall Author

Prosperity is a hot topic during uncertain times, but it tends to focus attention on money, or the lack of it. The next in the increasingly popular Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume introduces the core processes of harnessing crystals to manifest an abundant life, and release blocks to prosperity. It examines karmic debts, ancestral and familial ingrained attitudes; and how to transmute them. Rather than saying, "do it this way," this guide helps you to sense the energy of crystals, choose the appropriate ones for you and work with them in an interactive process that generates inner security and a real sense of well-being. Crystals for Prosperity also examines what can enrich life in addition to money. An A-to-Z crystal directory which includes sections on crystal tools, using specific layouts, and a prosperity crystals compendium.