a Samish person looking out toward the Pacific Ocean.

The Medicine Clothes that Look at the People: An Ancient Epic Tale from the Samish People of the Pacific Coastal Northwest

by Johnny Moses Author

Ancient Pacific Northwest Coastal epic from the Samish people, as told by master storyteller, spiritual teacher and healer, Johnny Moses. An ancient epic of the United States Pacific Northwest Coast Samish people, transcribed from a live event delivered by spiritual teacher and healer, Johnny Moses, whose traditional name is Whis.stem.men.knee, 'Walking Medicine Robe'. Johnny, a Tulalip Native American, master storyteller and oral historian, carries the Si.Si.Wiss, 'Sacred Breath, Sacred Life' teachings of his peoples. Here, he shares the story of a woman who wears beautiful Medicine Clothes. The woman wears different kinds of clothes when she visits the many different medicine people she is going to get help from, or those she will help.