the authors stand back to back wearing astronaut suits in colorful patterns against the backdrop of outer space

Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters

by Aph Ko Author and Syl Ko Author

In this provocative collection of essays, the two sisters Aph and Syl Ko tackle issues ranging from animal rights and the problems with contemporary vegan movements to the kinds of obstacles facing activists in feminist and anti-racist spheres, demonstrating the interconnectedness and intersectional nature of all of these issues. Through their scholarship these sisters seek to form "a coalition of all beings who deviate from the white/cis-/able-bodied heterosexual man - which we have been taught over and over again is the Human." By exploring forms and practices of existence that fall outside this hegemony, and outside of what our society has historically valued or upheld as virtuous, Aph and Syl Ko create space for new ways of being to come into existence. If you pick up this book because you find yourself drawn to one facet of their work, you'll be sure to come away engrossed by the inseparability of each facet from every other facet.