a deer and a person fall into an eye surrounded by trees

Racism As Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out

by Aph Ko Author

A compelling vision of a new social justice movement that breaks down silos and conflicts between activists' various causes, and shows us that all of our oppressions are connected and intersectional. The book is framed around a nuanced analysis of Jordan Peele's hit movie Get Out, using it as a framework to connect veganism with anti-racism, showing how white supremacy's tropes about animality and race exist through both the consumption and exploitation of flesh. Media studies scholar Aph Ko brings together a dozen threads you never would have thought to connect to create an argument that brings the world into a sharp new perspective. She shows that by learning to ask the right questions, we can expand our view—and our grasp—of liberation for all. Put this one on your shelf next to The Sexual Politics of Meat.