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Queering Psychotherapy: Non-Normative Insights for Everyone

by Jane C. Czyzselska Author

In this fascinating approach to psychotherapy, editor Jane Czyzselska sets out to create a space for understanding queerness in all of its multiplicity by reexamining traditional theories of psychotherapy in the light of the lived experiences of queer therapists and clients. Most traditional texts on psychotherapy were written a long time ago by cis-het white men, and so are understandably ill-suited to describe the multitudes of experiences that queer people undergo today. Czyzselska goes about meticulously unpacking the ways that older modalities of psychotherapy persist today in order to help queer therapists and clients alike derive what is useful from these older approaches while discarding the stigmatization and pathologization that they can sometimes entail. A powerful read for anyone seeking a more nuanced, contemporary, and compassionate understanding of psychotherapy.