a photo of a paper plant amidst some dishes on a shelf

The No-Kill Garden: A Collection of Handcrafted Plants for the Blackest of Thumbs

by Nikki Van De Car Author and Angela Rio Author

For those who want to keep houseplants around, but have absolutely no gardening skill, this book can teach you how to craft beautiful and elegant plants that will never require water, sunshine, propagation, or a bigger pot. Learn how to create flowers, mushrooms, vines, and even whole terrariums of greenery from felt, paper, yarn, and more. Each craft project in this book is based on a real plant, and is designed to be easily made by a beginner: no experience necessary. The No-Kill Garden has more than 30 projects to keep you busy turning your living space green. This way, you can spend time making new crafty plants instead of over-watering and fretting over those fickle organic plants.