Sticker 069 Corporate Fashion Has No Passion Sew It Yourself

Sticker #069Corporate Fashion Has No Passion...Sew It Yourself!

by Sparky Taylor Author

Wear your own creation! Fast fashion has always been a big ol' capitalist money making machine, and was never meant to be an art. Lets start sewing our own clothes!

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black background. Reads: "corporate fashion has no passion. Sew it yourself!")

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diy or die


I love it! I quit Fashion Design school because it limited my creativity... not to mention the obnoxious emphasis on maximizing profits by minimizing costs, i.e. exploiting workers!


How is "clothes" misspelled? How do you spell "clothes"?


The Gap, Banana Republic, etc, have long claimed to use no sweatshops, sadly they don't make their clothing. By licensing out their labor they are still frequently caught violating their own policies.


Is the misspelling of "clothes" intentional? I don't get it.


Actually anthing made BY target (but not necessarily everything sold in it) uses no child labor. The Gap, Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, etc. corporation just signed a treaty doing the same - and J. Crew never used child labor ever. Treat yourself to a guilt free five-finger discount.


Fuck sweatshops! It's where most of these things come from anyway. DIY it!


Wow, what the fuck are you talking like dat for?

i love me some roca wear


Do you kiss your mother with that mouth???!


Hell yeah make your own shirts none of thse trendy counter shirts that target sells!