a chart depicting the chinese zodiac against a red background

In Focus Chinese Astrology: Your Personal Guide

by Sasha Fenton Author

While many are familiar with the Western astrological approach, this book from the In Focus series introduces curious readers to the Chinese system of astrology and the animals of the Zodiac. Each system makes use of 12 different signs, but while the signs in Western astrology change approximately once a month, the Zodiac signs last a whole year. In both systems however, there is more to them than initially meets the eye. Dive into this ancient system for understanding your place in the cosmos with a little help from author Sasha Fenton, and discover the elements that have a special bearing on your Zodiac sign, the four pillar system for interpreting the moment of your birth, and what the world may have in store for you in years to come. An excellent starting point for astrology enthusiasts hoping to expand their horizons.