various plants and herbs fan out from around a circle in the middle of the cover with the title.

The Poison Path Herbal: Baneful Herbs, Medicinal Nightshades, and Ritual Entheogens

by Coby Michael Author

Poison, you say? What could be so great about poison? Well, this book is here to show you the hidden value of the oft-maligned herbs that have been used for millenia for murder and medicine alike. Author Coby Michael takes the reader on a journey into the past, before the advent of Christianity, in order to understand the proper significance and applications of 'baneful' herbs, or herbs capable of causing harm. Despite their potential danger, evidence exists that plants such as belladonna, opium poppy, and many others were used for purposes as varied as anaesthesia and warfare as far back as recorded history can grasp. Weaving together strands of science and history, politics and magic, The Poison Path reveals humanity's double-edged relationship with poison, and explores the potential (benign) uses of these plants in the modern era. A vital addition to any practicing herbalist's library.