crossed wands and an ornate border

200 Spells for the Young Witch & Wizard: Brand New Spells, Jinxes, Curses, and Other Incantations

by Kilkenny Knickerbocker Author

Simple and goofy, this spellbook for kids is full of spells like "Porcusliftus: a spell to make pigs actually fly, though where all these pigs have flown to over the years is anyone's guess." Each one has a difficulty rating and a clear diagram of the exact motion to make with your wand in order to cast the spell. Find spells to clone yourself, change the handwriting on a document, turn a traffic light green, cause incessant burping, make your hands impossibly slippery, grow horns like a slugs, and more useful and/or whimsical feats. Includes silly cautions, bogus historical factoids, and other amusing arcana.