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The Ultimate Guide to Astrology: Use the Guidance of the Planets to Manifest Your Power and Purpose

by Tanaaz Chubb Author

The practice of astrology can be complex and mathematical, full of charts, aspects, transits, and calculations. This book for beginners makes sure that the full depth of the subject doesn't obscure the basic principles that you need to know to get started. Clear, succinct, and to the point, Instagram astrology star Tanaaz Chubb invites you to quickly set up your own chart, understand the unique energetic expressions of each planet in your chart, and discover where all your signs sit and how these can impact your career, finances, relationships, health, and other areas of your life. This unique approach is designed to take you quickly beyond the basics without overwhelming you so that you can gain a big-picture, intuitive understanding of the principles at work in the stars.