Portrait of an African goddess outlined in gold and black against a purple gradient cover.

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity, and Joy

by Abiola Abrams Author

Spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, and award-winning author Abiola Abrams invites you to activate African goddess magic to transmute your fears and limiting beliefs. Africa is a continent of 54+ countries, and her children are global, practicing is no single African spiritual tradition. Ancestors hid the secrets of orishas, abosom, lwas, álúsí, and god/desses behind other Christian practices and saints to escape persectution, but African goddess wisdom remains a potent source of empowerment. Meet ancient goddesses and divine feminine energy ancestors, legendary queens, and mystical spirits in these pages; complete powerful rituals and ascend through the goddesses' temples to awaken generational healing, manifest personal miracles, surrender, meditate, and rise renewed. (Short Discount)