a purple cover with gold lettering, some tarot cards, a hand held out as if for palmistry, and some runes

The Book of Divination: A Guide to Predicting the Future

by Michael Johnstone Author

Human beings have attempted to predict the future for centuries, if not millennia. Using a variety of tools, from the stars, to the tea leaves in the bottom of their cups, to runes, crystals, cards, and more, they have developed techniques for deriving insight into what may come. In this comprehensive volume, author Michael Johnstone sets out to provide you with the insights and techniques born of these centuries of effort to discern the future. With historical and technical information on everything from numerology, to palmistry, to the I Ching, The Book of Divination is the authoritative guide for those seeking to learn more about what is to come. Dazzle your friends by performing readings for them, or keep the knowledge to yourself and use it advantageously. The possibilities are all but endless. A great gift for your witchiest pals, or for yourself. (Short Discount)