A room with a broom, some shoes, and a sideboard

The Witch-Crafting Handbook: Magical Projects and Recipes for You and Your Home

by Helena Garcia Author

Over 70 stylish projects for witches to make at home, inspired by ancient folklore and all things mystical. Wicked Baker Helena Garcia offers full color photos and instructions to craft fashion accessories, homewares and decor, sweet and savory recipes, and alcoholic potions. Playful projects include home remedies for many ailments, a holiday spider wreath, a baker's hat with a pointy top, a ouija board tea tray, a potion to make your hair grow thick and luscious, a wheel of the year turkey and chorizo pie, a choker to ward off the evil eye, peppermint foot spray and more aesthetic projects to bring some good old witchy and/or Halloween spirit to your everyday life.