a horde of monsters on the left including a witch, a werewolf, a mummy and others all leer hungrily at a small human in a sherlock holmes outfit with a magnifying glass on the right, illuminated by the light of a crescent moon

Sleuth & Solve: Spooky

by Ana Gallo Author and Victor Escandell Illustrator

It's up to you to solve the mysteries in this spooky edition of Sleuth & Solve. Whether you're searching out Frankenstein's lair or trying to determine the identity of a werewolf that won't stop terrorizing an isolated village, this mysterious book is full of adventure. An excellent addition to a family library, or to a classroom, the logical reasoning skills required by this book are vital for the development of young readers. But make no mistake, this book is fun for anyone who has a fondness for spooky and supernatural phenomenon and enjoys solving puzzles.