a six sided star with runic embellishments

Elucidation of Necromancy: Lucidarium Artis Nigromantice attributed to Peter of Abano

by Joseph H. Peterson Translator and Peter of Abano Author

Estimated to be over 500 years old, this text and the Heptameron (also included here) have been considered essential guides to contacting supernatural beings for centuries. Countless pendants and amulets have made use of its designs, and elements of the main text have been incorporated into other magical manuals. Nonetheless, until now, a complete edition and translation has never been published. With the recent discovery of three manuscripts of the Lucidarium, translator Joseph H. Peterson was able to bring you this edition, with critical instructions for making the seven angel sigils required to commune with supernatural beings. If you are looking to begin a magical practice or diversify your current practice, this ancient book with elements of medieval magic is a great place to start.