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Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Gardening

by Elen Sentier Author

Based on 40 years of experience as a practicing witch and gardener, Elen Sentier draws on her upbringing amongst witches and shamans adhering to the old ways of Britain, reminds us that the word pagan means "of the land" and draws connections between the modern science of growing things and how often it proves the ancient wisdom that's often snubbed as superstition. Accessible and down to earth, Sentier passes down the oral traditions she grew up with as well as well-researched scientific background, offering advice for gardeners throughout the eight seasons of the year, and packing the book with gardening tips and tricks as well as advice for plants and herbs to use in rituals, spells, and pagan holiday celebrations. She advocates letting both your garden and your spiritual practice evolve to suit the needs of the season rather than rigidly planning and controlling every aspect. Great for non-pagans and practiced witches alike.