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The Self-Love Superpower: The Magical Art of Approving of Yourself (No Matter What)

by Tess Whitehurst Author

This book dares you to experience the liberation, healing, and empowerment that come when you make a spiritual practice out of learning to love yourself, sharing specific, hands-on action steps designed to support your journey from paralyzing self-criticism to expansive self-adoration. But this journey is a spiral and it is not without its challenges. The Self-Love Superpower is here to offer you support, personal stories, and encouragement as you create a kindness alarm, conduct a self-care audit, engage in a centering and balancing meditation, heal relationship dynamics, and so much more. Each chapter contains accessible exercises, meditations, rituals, self-care practices, and journaling prompts so you can integrate the information in an experiential way, exploring themes such as: Energetic Hygiene, Grounding and Clearing, Body Positivity, Shielding Your Energy, Boundaries, Shadow Work, Clearing Clutter, Intuitive Eating, Chakras, Stepping Into Your Truth, Feng Shui, and more! Whether you want to develop greater respect and belief in yourself, connect with your intuition, or regain a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the things you care about, this guide provides the empowering boost you need to help you get there.