a mortar and pestle and various plants

Home Doctor: Natural Healing With Herbs, Condiments, and Spices

by P.S. Shadke Author

This book is exactly what we all need in the age of Googling our symptoms: a reliable and effective way to treat those symptoms at home without terrifying ourselves every time we get an ache or pain. Home Doctor is full of homeopathic and alternative health care approaches to treating over 200 common ailments, from cases as simple as colds, coughs, and fevers, to more disruptive issues such as diarrhea or heatstroke. With non-invasive, all-natural remedies, the solutions this book suggests will help you nip illness in the bud before it develops further, or help speed recovery once someone is already sick. This guide is full of expert advice and holistic wisdom from her three decades as a doctor and medical educator. Learn to use common ingredients to create effective medicines and heal yourself and others from the comfort of your kitchen and garden!