sunlight shines through onto a dark forest path

Wicca for One: The Path of Solitary Witchcraft

by Raymond Buckland Author

This modern guide to witchcraft will help you learn to add depth to your solo practice from a master of his craft. Wicca for One is a journey through expert advice on becoming a Witch and improving your life through magic. You will learn how to master spells, rites, traditions, and celebrations alone while learning: the advantages and drawbacks of practicing solitary Wicca; constructing the tools and sacred space needed to create magic every day; using dreamwork, tarot cards, crystals, nature, astrology, and other divinations; maintaining ethics without the guidance of a coven; developing the power to heal and to ward off negativity; and more. Let this magickal guide inspire you as you travel the time-honored path of the solitary practitioner.