an illustrated sweaty man in a suit smokes a cigarette and looks distraught

Fante Bukowski

by Noah Van Sciver Author

In this amusing and incisive graphic novel from author and illustrator Noah Van Sciver, follow the hapless Fante Bukowski as he struggles to make it in the literary world. He's talentless, and spends all his time drinking and smoking, either cavorting in the bar or trying to work in his room at the rundown hotel he lives in. That one big idea that will make his career hasn't come to him yet, but he keeps pursuing it. The only problem is he has no writing ability. A commentary on the recognition that so many artists crave, and a hilarious parody at the same time, this graphic novel is a must read for anyone who's tried to write their own fiction and failed, and anyone who gets a kick out of a good comic book.