below the title text are three images of earth, with the one on the left depicting the last ice age, the one in the middle depicting our current climate, and the one on the right depicting a much hotter and drier planet.

A Brief History of the Earth's Climate: Everyone's Guide to the Science of Climate Change

by Steven Earle, PhD Author

For the climate change skeptic in your life that you've grown tired of arguing with. This book is an accessible myth-busting guide to how human-caused climate change is distinct from the changes that naturally occur in the earth's climate, and why it is more dangerous and poses more immediate dangers to human life. A comprehensive guide, author Steven Earle has included information on factors that influence climate from plate tectonics to sunspots, from volcanic eruptions to variations in Earth's orbit. More than that, he shows us that these natural factors are not responsible for the current rise in temperatures and the accompanying dangerous conditions that that rise has created. A must read for anyone hoping to better understand our climate, and fight to protect it.