a photograph of an older woman with illustrated fairy wings holding two possums, with identical photos of a squirrel on either side of her head

Pearls of Wisdom: Advice from a Dead Squirrel Who Knows Everything

by ME Pearl Author and Georgette Spelvin Author

For those who don't already know, Pearl is a dead squirrel who knows everything. Her omniscience was attained during her life through devouring the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary as well as parts of the Larousse Spanish and French dictionaries. Though Pearl is dead, she still offers her wisdom to the world through her human medium, Georgette Spelvin, who cared for Pearl during her earthly existence. Whether you need advice on money, love, health, etiquette, work, cosmology, happiness, or anything else, Pearl can help you. She does, after all, know everything. Initially gaining prominence through YouTube, Pearl's wisdom now comes contained in this gorgeous and glamorous hardcover volume. Learn and laugh as you absorb the cosmic wisdom of this dead squirrel through this Internet age sacred text.