an illustrated striped orange cat.

Soseki Natsume's I Am A Cat: The Manga Edition: The Tale of a Cat with No Name but Great Wisdom!

by Soseki Natsume Author, Chiroru Kobato Illustrator and Zack Davisson Translator

I Am a Cat, originally written by Soseki Natsume in 1905, is a story intended to reflect on and poke fun at the upper-middle-class Japanese society of the early 20th century, told by the most unlikely narrator: a stray cat! Follow this nameless cat as he wanders into the home of an English teacher in Tokyo, where his commentary on the foolishness of those around him has been making readers laugh for over a century. In this first-ever English Manga edition, illustrated by Chiroru Kobato, readers can now witness and pick up on the more subtle cues of the comedic cat. Jump into this graphic-novel retelling of this Japanese classic  and experience a truly unique look at Japanese history and society.