a woman with wings extends her wings while a silhouette of a smaller figure within the outline of the woman appears with hands at their sides

Wild Seed

by Octavia E. Butler Author

The latest novel from Octavia Butler, this tale follows the paths of two ancient beings as they crisscross their way through history. One of these beings, Doro, possesses humans, killing remorselessly as he steals body after body to sustain his own existence. His counterpart, Anyanwu, can heal with a bite and endlessly transform her own body to reverse aging and mend injuries. While Doro builds empires, Anyanwu heals hers neighbors. Neither had anything to fear until they met the other however. In this incredible story, Doro and Anyanwu chase each other across the globe and across time, from 17th century Nigeria to 19th century America, changing human history as their power struggle plays out on a truly grand scale.