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Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

In this incredible toolkit, the culmination of three years of collaboration between seven different Bay Area organizations, you will find an elaborate and thoroughly researched guide to deescalating, defusing and preventing interpersonal violence. Born of an effort to develop an effective alternative to the criminal justice system and police, this guide can help organizations and individuals learn strategies for preventing violence that do not rely on punitive and carceral systems that ultimately create as much or more harm than they prevent. While the authors stress that this model cannot always be an effective alternative, especially in instances where the risk to those intervening is substantial, it offers a model for transformative justice that centers the victim, seeks to hold the person who caused the harm accountable, and works to prevent such harms from happening in the future. An immensely practical and grounded resource, it offers those working to develop effective community-based interventions to violence a concrete place to start.