The Black Man's Guide to Getting Pulled Over

The Black Man's Guide to Getting Pulled Over

by Johnny Parker Author and Felipe Horas Illustrator

In this bitingly satirical - and unfortunately still hyper-relevant - zine, author Johnny Parker II and illustrator Felipe Horas depict the dreaded and statistically extremely fatal incident of a Black man at a traffic stop. After a night out on the town with his girlfriend, the protagonist is stopped by a cop on the way home simply for driving while Black. The zine offers practical advice for other Black men to avoid being murdered by the state on their evening commute, and paints a hyper-realistic image of all the bullsh*t things cops say to pretend that they reason they stopped you wasn't their overt racism. Finally, The Black Man's Guide to Getting Pulled Over offers hope by encouraging the reader to channel their righteous anger into pathways towards change. Whether that takes the form of protest, community organization, or the simple act of making your own zine, we all have a role to play in dismantling the racist systems that result in the deaths of far too many people to count. A timely and powerful zine aimed at finding a solution to the problem, or at least making the cops feel guilty enough to leave Black folks alone!

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"...[A] funny, but bitingly truthful story aimed at finding a solution to everyday racism."