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The Environmentalist's Dilemma: Promise and Peril in an Age of Climate Crisis

by Arno Kopecky Author

In The Environmentalist's Dilemma, award-winning journalist Arno Kopecky zeroes in on one of the most important predicaments of this era: Humans may be sending Earth to an early grave, but the human race is doing better than ever. Weird, right? By acknowledging both sides of this paradox, we’re collectively confronted with how to deal with this quandary—should we take down the government or change it from the inside out? Compellingly inquisitive, relatable, timely, and relevant, Kopecky strikes a rare note of optimistic realism in our increasingly polarized and politicized world as he guides us through the moral minefields of the climate-change debate, shedding light on, quite possibly, the greatest calamity to befall our existence.