a five sided star with four tarot cards laid out in the middle and a cup, a cross, a star, and a branch in the four corners around the star

In Focus Tarot: Your Personal Guide

by Steven Bright Author

In this new guide from the In Focus series, dive into the world of tarot as you learn how to read tarot and apply its wisdom to your life. Used since the 18th century as a way of gaining insight into what the future may hold, tarot has gained popularity in recent years as a way of bringing understanding to an increasingly chaotic world. Included with the book is a beautifully illustrated wall chart explaining the meaning of the classic Major Arcana cards, and author Steven Bright introduces the reader to the meaning of each card individually as well as the meaning of cards in a particular sequence. An excellent introduction to tarot for those unfamiliar with the practice, and an excellent addition to the more experienced practitioner's library.