black and white illustrations of vegetables in the top half of the cover, and a color image of a completed meal below.

Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables

by Joshua McFadden Author and Martha Holmberg Author

This new and much discussed cookbook from chef Joshua McFadden and food writer Martha Holmberg has made waves as it has been received by aspiring cooks across the nation and beyond. In this excellent book, Chef McFadden, of the renowned Ava Gene's trattoria in Portland, Oregon, reviews the various kinds of vegetables that will give you the highest quality finished project at any point during the year. If you thought there were only four seasons in the calendar year, think again: McFadden suggests that there are in fact six, and different vegetables will be at their freshest and most delicious during each of these six seasons. With 225 recipes to make over the course of the whole year, and many different ways to cook them, this is a vital addition to the pantry shelves of anyone looking to attune their diet more closely to the natural rhythms of agriculture, and for anyone looking to make some truly unique and delicious food.