a rainbow between two clouds in a candy cane shape with 'good news journal' written on one cloud

Yay All Day: Good News Journal

by Asha Myers Author and Courtney Cook Author

The world can be a pretty grim place sometimes, but studies have shown that by focusing on the things that aren't so grim and by reminding yourself of what you're grateful for, you can improve your mood, and consequently the world around you. In this journal, write down the things that make you happy, the things that are going your way, and the things that are getting better in the world. There's a lot to take note of, from increasing activism around issues like climate change and racial justice, to scientific advancements that let people live longer and healthier lives, to your favorite band releasing their new album. Don't get bogged down in all the bad news. There'll always be time for that. Make time for the good things with this new journal.