various illustrated characters holding signs, a wind turbine,  a watering can, and placing the letters of the title

This Book Will Save the Planet: A Climate-Justice Primer for Activists and Changemakers

by Dany Sigwalt Author and Aurelia Durand Illustrator

For the young person committed to changemaking, this latest entry in the Empower the Future series offers them a framework for thinking about what solutions and justice might look like as our planet continues to warm and the effects of climate change become more widespread and severe. Author Dany Sigwalt translates the concept of intersectionality (a way of thinking about social justice that focuses on the ways that different forms of marginalization and oppression overlap, and reinforce one another) for a younger audience, and offers strategies for that audience to pursue solidarity and community in the struggle to create a more equitable future. With concrete actions the reader can take as well as accessible theories for thinking about the issues associated with climate change, This Book Will Save the Planet is a great gift for the young activist in your life, or for any young person in your life who sometimes despairs about our ability to make the world a better place.