an illustration of a girl laying on the floor of her room writing in her journal

My Mom Had An Abortion

by Beezus B. Murphy Author and Tatiana Gill Illustrator

In this one-of-a-kind graphic novel, follow along as self-described dyslexic-asexual-lebsian-feminist teenager Beezus B. Murphy documents her evolving understanding of menstruation, reproduction, abortion, and discovers a whole bunch of new things about the very confusing world we live in. The reader can see Beezus' ideas about sexual and reproductive health change from the harmful and stereotypical ones she has absorbed from the wider culture to more nuanced, thoughtful, and empathetic views that derive from personal experience and the conversations she has with those around her about their experiences, including her mom's experience with abortion. Full of both hilarious pop culture references and serious discussions about reproductive health, My Mom Had An Abortion is a great book to introduce young adults to the complexities of sexual health. An excellent addition to the classroom or a great gift for the feminist teen in your life.