Fluke #19

Fluke #19: The Issue with Mail Art

by Matthew Thompson Author

It's the 30th anniversary issue of Fluke fanzine, and this one's a tribute to the best kind of art: mail art! Lots of pages, bound as a book, this issue contains multitudes, including interviews with artists buZ blurr, Anna Banana, Leslie Caldera, John Held, Jr, EF Higgins III, Noriko Shimizu, Ryosuke Cohen, and Henry Denander, with a throwback 1977 interview with Ray Johnson, patron saint of mail art. Since 1991, Fluke's been publishing zines about the culture of punk rock, and in some ways this issue is branching out but he also finds a ton of crossover and connection. Settle in on a cozy night to read about letters, stamps, and the ways people reach out to their smallest but most attentive audiences. And then go send someone a postcard.

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