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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #3

by MariNaomi Contributor, Justin Hall Contributor and Tom Neely Author

In this installment of the greatest love story ever told, Glenn's mother is still living with him and Henry, until Glenn runs away. Henry, John, and Darryl comb a dozen familiar LA institutions to reunite our lovers. After being reunited during a karaoke parody of one of Glenn's songs, Henry & Glenn get their flu shots before the tragic events of Justin Hall's (No Straight Lines) story of Henry & Glenn Go To Gaydes." In this laugh-out-loud funny adventure many jokes are offered to longtime fans of our heroes and their musical pasts. Gaydes is, of course, ruled by Freddy Mercury who takes pity on Glenn and allows him one chance but he must never look back! Can Glenn do it? Will our lovers continue to frustrate, inspire, and show us the way? Additional art by Shaky Kane, Jeremy Owen, Beth Dean, Rafer Roberts, Grant Reynolds, and Alex Chiu.



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This may be my favorite series in all of comics right now, thanks to Neely finding new ways to go to the well in telling jokes about Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as cohabitating lovers.