Two zines: one cover is more realistic and the other is cartoony. In the first, Henry and Glenn are taking on a giant snake, in the second the are battling a demonic monster

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #2

by Josh Bayer Author, Tom Neely Author and Mark Rudolph Author

In the latest installment of the greatest love story ever told, Glenn's mother, freshly unearthed from beneath the bricks, moves in with him and Henry. Without giving too much away, Glenn's mommy issues come to the surface as she critiques his art, replaces his wardrobe, scrubs their dungeon, and recalls his childhood. Glenn tries to sell his signature to a UPS driver, takes a punch, and has some daydreaming adventures with a plunger. Henry, "a loud guy with a good work ethic," shows his darker side and indifference to a fan as he drinks black coffee and bonds with Glenn over their distaste for their own bands; two men who suffer best alone together. Additional pin up art by Andy Belanger, Katie Skelly, and Tom Scioli. 


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"These characters seem to have taken on lives of their own. They never really were based on reality in the first place, so the fact that they're based on real life cultural icons is incidental at this point. It’s just an entertaining comics series and Henry and Glenn aren't powerful enough to stop the antics of their comics counterparts anyway."

Chris Auman - Reglar Wiglar


"the charming haphazard quality and bleak humor are still in full effect."

Paul Houston - Renderwrx Productions