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A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking with Statistics and the Scientific Method

by Daniel J. Levitin Author

Every day, our brains are bombarded with more information than they can possibly process. So inevitably, our brains filter and sift out a certain amount of that information in order to keep you focused on what counts. But what happens when more and more of the information you encounter everyday isn't true, and is actually maliciously false? We live in an age of disinformation, and if we aren't careful, we can find ourselves believing lies crafted to influence our emotions and steer us away from reality. In this book, author Daniel Levitin offers the reader tools to distinguish between the lies and the truth, and more broadly, a framework for assessing the sources of information you encounter. 'Infoliteracy' is an increasingly vital skill in the modern world, and by developing our critical thinking skills we can increase our ability to discern the truth amidst all the interminable dross of the internet age. A great read.

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Please please please start making these again! They're so awesome! My sister got one before the store stopped selling them and I didn't . Dangit.


Yes, it is true that some of those illegally crossing the borders are smuggling drugs here. Why? Because Americans love drugs...there's more money to be made selling drugs in America than selling anything in Mexico. The other truth is that many of those bringing drugs here are not doing so voluntarily; they are slaves to the gangs and drug lords in Mexico. These gangs have now started taking over rehabs in Mexico (which, like the rest of the country, are not really protected by the government) and forcing those trying to get off drugs to sell drugs for the gangs. And, of course, their biggest customer is still America.

At a recent pro-immigration rally, one sign really summed it all up...it said something to the effect of, "If you deport all of us, who will build your border fence?"


I love this shirt and enjoy wearing it here in Mississippi where criminalizing immigration has become a racist obsession. Very comfy as usual.


peltiersupporter, most people i know are of mixed heritage. (which is good, because that means their ancestors didn't give a flying fuck about the heritage of those they loved.) the 1/8 or 1/16 of something or other is among the other fractions of nationalities that they encompass... it's what they are, and they can be proud. just like anyone else of more "pure" heritage. get over it!


fuck this country!!! and fuck that dumbass too!!!, you know who you are

...tyte shirt


That bob guy, I hate those nuts who run around claiming 1/8th native or 1/16th cherokee or "my grandma/grandpa was indian royalty!" Who the hell tells those lies that they have drops of native blood. less than a 100 years ago NO ONE WOULD BE CLAIMING NATIVE BLOOD! IT MUST BE SOME WHITE TREND TO SAY YOUR 1/8th chyenne or "my grandparents had an indian dad" or some other lying crap like that.


I'm not an immigrant. I was born here. Where would my abode be if I were to leave? Would the 1/8th of me that is native stay, and the rest go to Europe? Considering we all originated in Africa, maybe we should just all move back. It's history. Either way, I had no control over it and neither did my ancestors. Also, the pro-illegal/open border folks should look at other country's border policies. Some of them will gun down illegal border crossers. All we want is for everyone (including U.S. citizens) to come through a legal POE (Port of Entry), such as the one at San Ysidro, CA, present their documents to a CBP officer, and to make sure they're not smuggling anything like controlled substances or other people. Is that so bad? Everyday someone is caught with a bag of drugs duct taped to their back! Some hide chemicals to make meth in tequila bottles, and a CBP officer will want to look at the bubbles (as trained) or have a K-9 sniff around. The majority that get caught coming illegaly have some form of negative record or are up to something in addition to the illegal entry. An estimated 60% are still making it without getting caught. People (including USC's) jumping the fence at a place other than an authorized POE are just asking for a search and seizure. It's not anti-mexican or anti anything. It's common sense. And with our cowboy foreign policy pissing the entire world off, we have even more reason to worry about what comes into the country.


I love the tee
All those illegal Wasichus get the hell outa here


TO FREDERICK: If my moving out of America would stop all this madness, I'd exile myself in a minute!


This is my favorite.. I miss the patch, though


Human history is one long string of civilisations conquering one-another. Get over it and get over yourself.


To Richard Steele and those that approve of his xenophobic comment: The Spanish conquistadores may have been the first Europeans to PERMANENTLY settle in North and South America, but there were others that were here before them. The Viking chieftan Erik the Red and his son, Leif Erikson, temporarily settled in North America around 800 c.e. and 1000 c.e. respectively. More than likely, they participated in the killing of American Indians. Further, just because the Spanish conquistadores were the first documented perpetrators of Western imperialism and genocide in North and South America on a grand scale, this does not mean that Anglo-Saxon Europeans did not commit crimes that as terrible. It was the Anglo-Saxon Europeans, after all, that participated in germ warfare against the Native Americans, giving them smallpox blankets. It was also the Anglo-Saxon Europeans who, time after time, forced indigenous people in North America off of their lands, usually putting them in contact with rival tribes and escalating their demise. Let us not forget the fact that our oh-so-wonderful Federal Government was notorious for its broken treaties with Native Americans, allowing settlers to move onto their lands, killing many in their wake. The Indian Removal Act of the 1830s caused the deaths of hundreds of Cherokee Indians members of other tribes from starvation and heat exhaustion. It is a little-known fact that one of the main tasks of the first police officers, sheriffs and marshalls in the United States was to bring down indigenous revolts. I could go on and mention the numerous wars and massacres that WASPs have committed towards American Indians, but at the risk of boring everyone, I will not. I will say, though, that just because one is Latin American (if they are not completely of indigenous ancestry) does not mean that their legacy is bloodier than that of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.


I hear the ghosts of my Cherokee ancestors approving.


You are right Pancho, the American Indian was here first and the Spanish were the first Europeans to come here and take their land from them. I don't speak Spanish nor am I of Spanish Ancestry, how about you?


I love this shirt it is so true im tired of the gringos always saying that my people cant come in with out a green card. i just tell them to ask them sevlf how they got here.


We were all immigrants at one point of another, just from different places and came over at different times. I'm only third generation American. This is simply a reminder that people were here before the europeans moved in on Indian land. And if the berring strait theory is correct, then Indians were immigrants at one point too- no one lived here yet.

I love this shirt and plan to order one once I get some cash.


That shirt speaks volumes..... Microcosm is the shit!


Very smart!!!


Jeez people, get sensitive about t-shirts. Jimbo, if anything the shirt is a commentary on jingoistic nationalism, not genocide. No one is accusing you of anything. Sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy an ironic commentary on the white folks who pioneered the concept of 'manifest destiny' while killing aboriginal north americans trying to tell some other folks they can't come to our party beacuse we made a 'border'. Also, if you like this one, check out the 'deporten a la migra!' shirt at liberationink-dot-com.


What a stupid comment re genocide. Does that mean if I'm of German ancestory I am implicated in the Holocaust or Chinese and therefore guilty of the Cultural Revolution massacres? I'm white: it makes me as guilty of genocide as the above.


greatest shirt in the history of clothing




It fits great and I get nothing but positive responses from family memebers that hate all my other shirts.


I think its more sarcastic to those who don't like Mexican-immigrants and the like. Just a reminder that we are all immigrants and not only that- our ancestors(that is europeans) are responsible for genocide.


Guess to hold this t-shirt true, everyone who buys and/or wears this shirt, if you are not a native american, will be moving out of America?


Definitely getting this.


This is one comfortable shirt. Not only is it fair trade, but it fits like a t-shirt should.


hi. this is my favourite tee shirt. it's the first thing i pull out to wear every time i do laundry. :)