the words 'youth' 'wisdom' and 'power' inside various geometric forms

Numerology and the Divine Triangle

by Faith Javane Author and Dusty Bunker Author

Numerology, or the study of the mystical relationships between numbers, letters, patterns, and symbols, is often misunderstood and more often overlooked. But not anymore. With this comprehensive introductory volume, authors Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker present the reader with a breakdown of the most important concepts in numerology, and work to synthesize numerology with the other mystical disciplines of astrology and tarot. By considering the relation between certain numbers, astrological correspondences, and tarot cards, Javane and Bunker present the reader with a wealth of information about themselves, the world around them, and what the future may hold for them. A meticulously compiled account, Numerology and the Divine Triangle belongs on the bookshelf of every metaphysician.