a cake, a stew, a roast, and some drinks in four panels on the cover, elaborately decorated and covered in fresh vegetables/fruit

The Natural Witch's Cookbook: 100 Magical, Healing Recipes & Herbal Remedies to Nourish Body, Mind & Spirit

by Lisanna Wallance Author and Grace McQuillan Translator

In this cookbook from author, herbalist, and cook Lisanna Wallance, discover a whole host of recipes imbued with the ordinary magic of the kitchen and the additional magic of the herbs and ingredients that give these recipes their healing potential. Learn to make delicious meals, tonics, masks, ointments, and more with properties ranging from anti-inflammation, to immunity boosting, to energy boosts, and even longevity. With recipes like Mini Beef Parmentiers for Anemia, Moon Macarons for Dreaming, St. Jacques Scallops for Fertility, and many more, Wallance has a meal to suit any occasion and any need. No matter your skill level with cooking, herbalism, or all things witchy, this book can help you begin your magical journey and start making truly special food.