Pale blue cover with an image of a woman surround by clothes and accessories as if she were a paper doll. Text is black, blue, and pink.

Chaotic Good

by Whitney Gardner Author

Cameron's cosplay creations are finally starting to earn her the attention she wants so that she can get into the CalArts costume design department for college. But after winning a major competition, she inadvertently invokes the wrath of angry male fans online, and the only comic shop in town that she can use for her costume portfolio is staffed by a man who challenges every woman who comes into the shop. At her twin brother's suggestion, Cameron borrows a set of his clothes and dons a new persona as Boy Cameron in an attempt to get a bit of peace, and she is shocked at how quickly she is accepted into the inner nerd sanctums. But after finding herself drafted into a D&D campaign and getting a crush on another guy at the shop, Cameron's complicated situation grows even more precarious as she has to find a way to save her future and keep up her juggling act.

(This book may contain a small black sharpie mark on the bottom edge so that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)