two hands turned towards each other with a dot of light in the middle, and all the astrological symbols orbiting the dot of light

My Signs & Skymates: A Guided Journal for Mapping Your Astrological Compatibility

by Dossé-Via Trenou Author and Neka King Author

Discover the ways you are connected with others through the lens of astrology with this guided journal. Author Dossé-Via Trenou has been studying astrology for her entire life, and has created this journal as a means to help others learn about themselves and their relationships. Understand what your own sign means about your platonic and romantic relationships, and compare your sign directly with the signs of your friends and loved ones. This journal even comes with four sheets of bonus stickers to personalize and customize the journal, truly making it your own. Harness the empowering force of astrology as a way to gain self-knowledge with this interactive guided journal.