diagonal lines dividing the cover into six sections, with watercolor illustrations in each section depicting the sun, the moon,  the stars, a crab, a sword, a cup, a pentagram, a scale, jupiter, and various plants and crystals

Practical Magic for Kids: Your Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Dreams, and More

by Nikki Van De Car Author

In this introduction to the wonderful universe of magic for kids, learn all about the various tools you have to connect to the mysteries of the world and harness their power. Covering everything from spells and rituals, to tarot, astrology, crystals, auras, chakras, palmistry, dream interpretation, and more, this is a comprehensive volume designed to immerse young mystics in magic of all kinds. Age-appropriate, and with full-color illustrations throughout, Practical Magic for Kids makes a great gift for the wee ones in your life.